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Senior Blockchain Developer

Posted on 11/30/2022
+3 year
Full time

Role Description

We're building a suite of greenfield web3 apps for both our upcoming title Illuvium and our DeFi Protocols. This includes everything from public facing web3 apps, to internal apps that manage our game configurations. To help us on this mission, we're looking for experienced and ambitious Blockchain Developers who have a knack for approaching problems in unconventional ways.

About Illuvium

Illuvium Labs is an independent game development studio based in Sydney, Australia. We develop blockchain based games for the Illuvium DAO. We have developed a strong culture of independence with our team, preferring candidates who can articulate their own vision and goals. We operate almost entirely remotely so each team member designs their own hours and work schedule. In the end all that matters is the delivered product. We hire based on people’s abilities to adapt and change quickly, valuing underlying core abilities above specific skill sets.


  • Development of Ethereum smart contracts with Solidity, and blockchain integration with existing applications

  • Develop features and improvements in a secure, well-tested, and performant way

  • Create application features and interfaces, and write multithreaded code

  • Maintain a continuous integration pipeline for the development and testing of applications

  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, product managers to brainstorm the latest technologies and applications

Minimum requirements

  • 1+ year Solidity development experience

  • 4+ years Software Engineering experience

  • Solid background in software development with C/C++, C# (.Net), Java or Typescript

  • Must have experience with design patterns and databases

  • Must have experience with Typescript and web3 libraries like ethers.js

  • Must have experience with cloud based architectures and cloud infrastructure

  • Experience with Hardhat/Foundry

  • Experience with DeFi/NFT protocols

  • Background in web security and/or blockchain security is a big plus

  • Cairo (Starkware) experience is a plus

Preferred skills

  • Enthusiastic learner of emerging blockchain technologies

  • Collaborative workability with multi-disciplinary teams


All of our jobs are 100% remote and we are looking to find the best talent globally!

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