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Mar 5, 2024

28. Everything you need to know about staking $ILV.

2024 UPDATE: Flash pools are no longer part of Illuvium's staking strategy. For up to date details on Illuvium staking opportunities see

This article was updated on March 24th, 2022 to include information about Staking v2.

$ILV token holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn rewards from the network. Getting started is easy. Our Staking v2 platform is smoother, has lower transaction fees, and offers new-and-improved features. We’ve upgraded our smart contracts, extended functionality, fixed bugs, improved workflows, and minimised the gas.

But “bigger and better” doesn’t mean “harder to use.” We’ve kept $ILV staking in a user-friendly interface. Our goal was to build one of the most accessible staking platforms in the space. We’ve done that, and we’re keeping it simple.

In our platform, you can start staking — and earning rewards — in just a few clicks on a simple dashboard.

Have $ILV in your Web 3 wallet, head to our staking website, follow the steps below, and you’ll be staking $ILV immediately to earn tokens or in-game currency.

For more details on the upgrade, read “42. All You Need To Know About Staking v2

Illuvium Staking

Revenue Distributions

100% of the Vault Revenue is distributed back to stakers as $ILV. The Vault receives revenue from in-game purchases and marketplace transactions.

Yield Rewards

Over three years, the Vault emits three million $ILV via the staking in the platform to stakers. Users can claim these rewards as $ILV with a 12-month lockup period or $sILV2 that can be claimed and used immediately for gameplay and auctions such as the Land Sale and Illuvitars.

How to Stake $ILV

New stakers, welcome! Upgraded to v2, the staking platform allows Illuvium community members to claim yield and revenue distribution rewards from the protocol. In the platform, you can stake tokens and receive rewards of $ILV or $sILV2 and view vesting rewards and deposits. The Staking v2 dashboards also provide at-a-glance views of protocol metrics such as price, market cap, estimated holders, the total amount staked, and emission schedule.

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to start staking your ILV in our v2 platform:

Step 1

Start by going to

In the top right-hand corner, click “Connect wallet.“

Next, choose the type of wallet you wish to connect.

Step 2

Once Connected, click on the “Staking” nav item, choose your preferred pool, and click “Stake.”

Follow the prompts to approve the contract.

Step 3

Select the amount to stake and the lock duration you would like to use. The longer the lock duration, the higher the rewards. The minimum lock duration required is one month.

Step 4

A MetaMask prompt will appear.

Review the transaction and associated gas fees (Paid in ETH) and click “Confirm” to send the transaction to the blockchain.

Wait patiently for the transaction to confirm.

A pop-up will appear once the transaction completes.

Step 5

Choose how you would like to claim your rewards, and click the corresponding button. You can claim all rewards at the same time.

Rewards claimed in $ILV are subject to a 12-month lock, whereas $sILV2 can be claimed and used in-game immediately or on Illuvitars and future Land Sales.

Step 6

A MetaMask prompt will appear.

Review the transaction and associated gas fees (Paid in ETH) and click “Confirm” to send the transaction to the blockchain.

Wait patiently for the transaction to confirm on the blockchain.

Step 7

Click the Vesting tab, and view your deposits and rewards.

Once rewards have vested, you can withdraw them from the protocol.

Step 8

Congratulations, you are now Staking ILV in the Illuvium Protocol!

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