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Jun 5, 2024

Expanded Airdrop Points in the Open Beta Testnet


Our community spoke, we listened, and we’re thrilled to introduce new ways to earn airdrop points in the Open Beta Testnet! Your dedication and feedback have been pivotal in shaping these updates, and we’re here to ensure that your efforts are rewarded. Here’s a comprehensive look at the updated points system and some essential adjustments to reflect the new objectives.

Expanded Airdrop Points System

Capture and Fuse Illuvials for Bonus Points

Previously, you earned bonus points by capturing or fusing all Illuvials in a tier. Now, not only will you receive points for completing the collection of an entire tier, but you’ll also earn points for completing each Illuvial line within that tier. Each Illuvial line has three stages; completing these lines will earn you additional points. Tier 2 is unique, featuring only one line—the Lynx, with details laid out below:

Tier and Line Points Breakdown

With the addition of more objectives, we’ve adjusted the points per tier to reflect these changes:

Tier 5 (T5): 18 Illuvials, 6 Lines

  • Each Line Completed: 4,000 points

  • All Lines Completed in Tier: 24,000 points

  • Bonus for Completing Entire Tier: 15,000 points

  • Total Possible Points: 39,000 points

Tier 4 (T4): 21 Illuvials, 7 Lines

  • Each Line Completed: 600 points

  • All Lines Completed in Tier: 4,200 points

  • Bonus for Completing Entire Tier: 2,400 points

  • Total Possible Points: 6,600 points

Tier 3 (T3): 24 Illuvials, 8 Lines

  • Each Line Completed: 300 points

  • All Lines Completed in Tier: 2,400 points

  • Bonus for Completing Entire Tier: 1,200 points

  • Total Possible Points: 3,600 points

Tier 2 (T2): 31 Illuvials, 1 Line, 5 Classes

  • Stage 1 Lynx: Essential for Tier 2 completion bonus.

  • Each Lynx Class Completed (Rogue, Bulwark, Empath, Fighter, Psion): 500 points

  • Bonus for Completing All Lynx Classes: 750 points

  • Total Possible Points: 3,250 points

Tier 1 (T1): 36 Illuvials, 12 Lines

  • Each Line Completed: 75 points

  • All Lines Completed in Tier: 900 points

  • Bonus for Completing Entire Tier: 400 points

  • Total Possible Points: 1,300 points

Tier 0 (T0): 75 Illuvials, 5 Affinities Per Line, 5 Lines

  • Each Affinity/Line Completed: 20 points

  • All Affinities/Lines Completed in Tier: 500 points

  • Bonus for Completing Entire Tier: 200 points

  • Total Possible Points: 700 points

Additional Points

  • Stack Points: Players can earn airdrop rewards whenever they complete a task from above. If you complete the same task again, you get more airdrop rewards each time. This applies to all rewards, including completion bonuses and 'collect them all' bonuses.

  • True Catch 'Em All Reward: If you catch all Illuvials across all tiers, you’ll receive an extra 10,000 points.

Airdrop Rewards Tracking Sheet: 

As mentioned, the dashboard to track your progress isn’t ready yet. However, we have provided this image so that you can quickly identify what you have caught, what you still need to capture, and how many points you earn for Illuvials owned.

Recognising Our PB4 Testers

To show our appreciation for our loyal PB4 players who have been instrumental in testing and improving the game, we include all Illuvials captured and fused since the beginning of PB4 in the total of your airdrop points. Your past efforts are recognised and rewarded!

Simplified Tracking System

We've simplified the system to make it easier for everyone to keep track. If the Illuvial is in your wallet at the cutoff date (end of Open Beta Testnet, TBD), it counts in the snapshot. Whether you’ve obtained Illuvials through trading, fusing, or capturing in either Private Beta 4 or Open Beta Testnet, ensure the Illuvials are in your wallet when the bell rings.

Earn Points Through Playtime

Every hour of playtime across any of the three games in the Illuvium universe will earn you 100 points. This ensures that all your time spent exploring, battling, and strategising is rewarded.


  • Earn Points for Completing Tiers: Capture all Illuvials in a tier to earn substantial bonus points.

  • Earn Points for Completing Lines: Capture all stages of an Illuvial line for additional points.

  • PB4 Contributions Count: All Illuvials you've captured and forged since PB4 will count towards your total airdrop points.

  • Simplified Snapshot: Ensure your Illuvials are in your wallet at the end of the Open Beta Testnet so they can count.

Dive into the Open Beta Testnet and earn your share of the 20,000 $ILV airdrop! Every moment spent in Illuvium counts towards your rewards. Your dedication will be rewarded, whether you're hunting for Illuvials, capturing, fusing, or just exploring. This is your chance to prove your mettle, show your skills, and earn airdrop points!

Stay sharp, and may the Illuvials be in your favour!

Best, The Illuvium Team

For more updates and to join the conversation, follow us on Twitter. Download the game on Epic Games and start earning your share today!





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