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Jun 25, 2024

Illuvium: Airdrop Season Details

Illuvium Airdrop Season: A Token of Our Appreciation

Rangers, we are thrilled to reveal the details of our upcoming campaign, which is set to be monumental! We're launching one of the largest Airdrop campaigns ever witnessed in GameFi, with a massive allocation of 260,000 ILV tokens. This includes 50,000 ILV dedicated to our loyal holders and a gigantic 210,000 ILV set aside for our 6-month Play-to-Airdrop initiative. The total value of this enormous campaign is approximately $25 million at the time of writing this. Don’t miss the opportunity to earn your share of these rewards!

Illuvium Loyalty Airdrop

First, we have a loyalty airdrop that rewards all of you who have interacted with the Illuvium ecosystem for the past three years. Rewards will be based on several activities across our ecosystem, and an internal points system will determine the size of your ILV airdrop. We want to thank our entire community for helping Illuvium get to where we are today.

Snapshot Date: We took a snapshot on April 14th, 2024, 23:59 UTC, to see who's been active and participating within the Illuvium ecosystem.

Distribution Date: The loyalty rewards will be distributed to our dedicated participants in Q2 2024. 

Who Receives a Share of the Rewards?

This campaign isn’t only about our progress; it’s a celebration of our loyal community members who have journeyed with us. And for those who couldn’t participate this time, fret not—future campaigns will ensure newcomers can enjoy great rewards, keeping our community vibrant and inclusive. Participating in the ecosystem is the best way to ensure you are eligible for future rewards. 

  • Illuvium Participants: Whether you're a staker, purchased land, a Beyond collector, or trading on IlluviDex, there's something for you.

How are the points attributed?

The Loyalty Airdrop is about your participation and interaction within the Illuvium ecosystem. Points were accrued for the following activities:

  • Staking in the ILV pool: Amount and duration of your stake.

  • Staking in the Sushi Liquidity Pool: Amount and duration of your stake. Additional points were accrued for this pool.

  • Illuvitars: The amount spent.

  • Illuvium Zero Land: Time held & Amount Spent.

  • IlluviDex Trading Fees: Trading volume within the Illuvidex.

The Reward Calculation

The final tally of ILV you earn is based on the number of points you've gathered versus the total points collected by everyone. The more you've participated, the bigger your share of the 50,000 ILV airdrop.

Illuvium Play-to-Airdrop Campaign

We aren’t stopping with the Loyalty Airdrop. The real meat of our Airdrop Campaign is the Play-to-Airdrop portion, where the more you play, the more points you earn.

How do you earn Airdrop points?:

To earn a piece of the 210,000 $ILV, play-to-airdrop, battle in the Illuvium: Arena, explore, hunt, and collect in the Overworld, develop your land in Illuvium: Zero and finally trade and fill your album in Illuvium: Beyond. We will have a points system for activities across all games. In the future, an informative dashboard will give you a clear view of your airdrop points.

Airdrop #1 - 30,000 ILV

This first 10% allocation of ILV is dedicated to the testnet phase of the beta: PB4 beginning on April 30th & Open Beta Testnet set to start on May 28th. At the end of Open Beta Testnet, airdrop points will be tallied, and everyone who participated in the beta will be airdropped this portion of ILV directly to their IMX Passport wallets. While no end date is specified for the Open Beta Testnet, you can check out our previous blog to see our roadmap of launch details here: .

  • Private Beta 4 (PB4): Pre-register here and get access to Private Beta 4. Play as much as possible, hunt for bugs, and ensure everything's operating smoothly on Testnet. You'll earn a flat number of airdrop points to get you started.

  • Open Beta (Testnet): Didn't get into PB4? That's okay. Once we finish with PB4, we will open the gates to the public, and everyone can earn airdrop points for playing. Remember, the more you play across the four games, the more points you earn.

Airdrop #2 - 180,000 ILV

  • Open Beta (Mainnet): This is when we transition to Mainnet for the first time. Players can own their Illuvium assets. This portion of the campaign will last an additional five months, and airdrop points will be calculated at the end of this period. While this is still a beta, more features will be added over time; players will earn airdrop points across all our games.

  • Illuvium Beyond: Activity across Beyond will also gather points; whether you're actively trading Illuvitars and accessories or buying D1SKS, you can earn airdrop points.

And there you have it - a quick rundown of what's coming your way with the Illuvium Airdrop Campaign. Whether you're a loyal Illuvium investor, a gamer or both, we've got something special for you. It's our way of saying thanks!

Updated May 30, 2024, per IIP-51.

Play-2-Airdrop Specifications

As we move forward, we are updating our airdrop vesting schedule to better align with our community's feedback and ensure a dynamic and engaging experience. Here’s a comprehensive look at the changes in the new Loyalty Airdrop and Gameplay Drops.

Updated Vesting Schedule

Loyalty Airdrop:

  • Vesting Period:

    The vesting period is now three months, reduced from six months.

  • Immediate Access:

    Participants can unlock 50% of their rewards immediately.

  • Vesting Remainder:

    The remaining 50% will vest over the next three months.

  • Early Claim Penalty:

    Claiming rewards early will result in forfeiting the unvested portion, which will return to the treasury for future campaigns.

  • Unclaimed Rewards:

    Any unclaimed rewards after 1 year will be returned to the treasury for future campaigns.

Gameplay Drops:

  • Season Duration:

    Implementing shorter one-month seasons instead of six-month seasons.

  • Vesting Period:

    Reduced to three months.

  • Immediate Access:

    Participants can unlock 50% of their rewards immediately.

  • Vesting Remainder:

    The remaining 50% will vest over the next three months.

  • Early Claim Penalty:

    Claiming early will result in forfeiting the unvested portion, which will return to the treasury for future campaigns.

  • Unclaimed Rewards:

    Any unclaimed rewards after the vesting period will be returned to the treasury for future campaigns.

Rationale Behind the Changes

Market Stability: By controlling the initial flow of tokens into the market, we help prevent drastic price fluctuations and protect the ecosystem's economic integrity.

Regular Engagement: The new one-month seasons for Gameplay Drops encourage regular engagement, providing fresh opportunities for rewards and maintaining excitement in the community.

Immediate Incentives: Offering immediate access to 50% of rewards provides a more immediate incentive for participants while still ensuring long-term engagement through the vesting period.

Supporting Future Campaigns: Returning unclaimed rewards to the treasury ensures that we can continue to fund future campaigns and initiatives, benefiting the entire community.

Remember, we’re here for you! If you have any questions or need more details about the airdrop, contact us through our official channels.

As always, thank you for your support!





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