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Nov 9, 2023

Illuvium: Arena Team Builder Guide

Welcome to the Illuvium Team Builder!

 The Team Builder is critical to experiencing how the Overworld and Arena will interact in the future. In this latest team builder version, you can access all Illuvials, Augments, Armaments, and Armour currently available in-game early access Beta 3. This differs from when we move to Open Beta, where you will capture Illuvials and craft all these items for your team in the complete gameplay loop.

What you can expect from this blog is an overview of how the team builder functions, some helpful tips to give you an idea of how to build, and why you should have your teams ideated and ready now for Beta 3!

If you're looking for a quick TL:DR, then the video below should give you a quick overview of how things work, but continue reading to get a more in-depth view of all the features in the new Team Builder.

Build Your Team: Log into the Team Builder with your account and start theory-crafting your builds for your PVP matches. Click on 'Create New Team’, name your build, and explore the various options you can add to your custom build. You have a maximum of 28 choices across augments, weapons, armour, and Illuvials. You can save five builds, so you can choose a different team when you're in your next matchup to test it or throw your opponent off.

Using the team builder: Navigate through the options in the tabs - Illuvials, Augments, Armaments, and Suits. Your team must include a minimum of 5 Illuvials. At the same time, there is no minimum on the other armaments, with the maximum total being 28. When hovering over any item, an ‘Information module in the upper right-hand corner will give you additional information on that item. As you build your team, you'll have a live view of your current setup, including an Illuviual/Armament count and mastery point cost. If you find something you don't want, hit the X next to it in the live view and remove it from your team.

Filters: You can easily filter Illuvials by classes and affinities; you'll find that some Illuvials have a number below, which indicates their different aspects [described below]. You'll see an easy search bar at the top, where you can effortlessly search by name, line, synergy, or ID. There are four tabs at the top to help you navigate between Illuvials, Augments, Weapons, and Armours. In the far right corner of the team builder, you can find Filters and sorting methods just above that to sort by name, tier, or mastery point cost, as well as additional details like Ability & Stat detailed views.

Aspects: Aspects help you craft your team more precisely. Illuvials like Lura, with no composite synergies, have only 1 Aspect, like Earth and Rogue. Illuvials like Malura with Bloom and Vanguard will have four instances to choose from, where each Instance is different in its Dominant Traits.

Blotto being Wildfire, Fire/Nature, Aegis, which is Bulwark/Empath, would have an aspect with Nature dominant and Bulwark dominant, and Nature dominant with Empath dominant. Conversely, you have a Fire-dominant aspect with one Bulwark dominant and one Empath Dominant trait. These new aspects allow you to plan a strategy to help you create a unique team to help you in battle.

Augment Changes: Augments have changed, but don't worry, we've made the experience much more manageable; for example, Lesser Charge Capacitor will give two options when placed on an Illuvial - Gain 200 Shield OR Gain 30 Energy instead of having to pick from multiple different abilities to buff. Not only will you have ample time to go through the team builder and read the new functions of augments and their new names, but now, when using an augment on an Illuvial, you only have to pick between two options on how you want to use this Augment, eliminating the many options you had previously. As for PB2 augments, they are still in the game in some capacity and somewhat similar; just now, they function as the Legendary Augments, which you will be bidding on in the bid phases of the battle, but more on that later.

Suit Changes: Armour will now play a pivotal role in ensuring your Ranger is a factor in all battles. Armour will contribute through the different stats of each type of suit, ranging from General Tank and Energy Regen to others like Crit Amp and High Health. With a range of armour to choose from, you can always ensure your ranger is in the fight and prepared to help lead the team to victory. 

Using the Ability and Stats descriptive views, you can get a more detailed view of each item, weapon, and armour.

Unmetered Stats play a pivotal role in your success in battle. Check out all their definitions and symbols here:

Share a Team: Interested in sharing your team with a friend? It's straightforward. You can navigate to the team you wish to share and click the 'Share' button above the Team Name. This action will automatically copy the Team URL to your clipboard, enabling you to paste and send it to your associate effortlessly.

Import a Team: To accept a team, ensure you're signed in first. Click on the link your friend sent you, and you'll be directed to view the team. The team's original name will be displayed. On the right side, there's an 'Import' button – hit that, and you'll get the chance to rename the team if you want to. Once you click 'Import', the team is all yours, complete with the setup your friend shared.

New Illuvials: This update has eight more Illuvials to add to your newly built teams for use in PVP. Prepare to battle with the Sloth line, Water Buffalo line, and the rest of the highly anticipated Squid line. This is for eight new Illuvials coming to PB3, not including their separate instances.





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