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Nov 24, 2023

Illuvium Beta 3: What To Expect

Rangers, Beta 3 is just around the corner! We want to ensure you're ready for all the new features in both Arena and Overworld games. So, sit back, grab a beverage of choice, and prepare for a tour of everything Illuvium Beta 3 offers. While this blog gives you the big picture, we've got more focused blogs for each mode: Arena, Ascendant, Team Builder, and Overworld. There's too much information to cram it all into one post, and we can't wait for you to dig into all of it!

Purpose of Beta 3

Firstly, we want to go over the purpose of this beta, which is intended to be one of the final pieces of the puzzle to get us to open beta. Testing in Beta 3 is an exciting opportunity to uncover bugs, enhance playability, add fun factors, and ensure a balanced experience that will keep you returning for more!

What's New in Beta 3

Ascendant & Survival 

Our most anticipated game mode, the Ascendant Arena (PVP), is almost here, and we're excited for you to dive in. Whether you're into Ranked, Casual, or Custom Matchmaking, we've got something for everyone. We rolled out the Survival Arena first, and its features are shared across all Arena modes. This has set the stage for the Ascendant Arena. Illuvials also look sharper, and we've upped the game on VFX/SFX, from auto-attacks to Omegas.

Team Builder

Team building is your playground for theory-crafting and creating amazing teams. You can pick from Illuvials, Weapons, Augments, and Suits. In this Beta, everything is available; this is all for testing and balancing purposes. When Open Beta rolls around, you must capture, harvest, and craft all these goodies to assemble your dream team. This is one of the first stops in Beta 3 Ascendant mode, where you can craft a squad tailored for PVP battles. The Team Builder is live now, so you can start crafting those unique teams.


Don’t think we skimped on the Overworld updates because everyone is excited about the Ascendant Arena. The Overworld team has made significant leaps and bounds to ensure that we are getting closer and closer to a AAA gaming experience to make Open beta the best it can be. From updated UI/UX to implementing community feedback. Illuvial levelling and unique stats have been implemented. You can even use consumables you harvest while exploring now! We have so much more for you to discover and experience, and we can’t wait for you to check it out. Although the Overworld remains in Private Beta, if you already have access to Overworld, you can experience this updated version. 


Fresh Illuvials are about to roll out in Beta 3, looking sharper than ever. We're talking two brand-new lines and some final touches on an existing fan favourite.

First, meet the Water Buffalo line – a trio of absolute units. Starting with Stage 1's Water Carablu, levelling up to Stage 2's Toxic Caradulo, and capping off with the beastly Stage 3 Toxic Caradulox.These guys are all about Bulwark and Colossus traits, perfect for patching up any gaps in your defence

Then we've got the Sloth line, bringing in Nature and Verdant affinities. Say hello to Stage 1 Cling, Stage 2 Twine, and Stage 3 Gnarl. While Cling and Twine have the Bulwark affinity, Gnarl amps it up by adding some Colossus.

And let's not forget the finishing touch on the Squid line—meet Octius and Ophisto, the Stages 2 and 3 powerhouses. They have Shock affinity and Psion and Invoker classes, making your team's ranged attacks much scarier.


  Augments offer your team the edge in battle, from individual perks like increased attack speed to team-wide boosts like healing. You'll find over 80 offensive and defensive options, helping you tip the scales in your favour when it counts. We've streamlined the Augment system to make it easier for new and veteran players to understand their effects in combat. We've also introduced legendary augments that can't be crafted but pack a serious punch, often outperforming standard options.

Weapons & Armour

The team builder gives you 500+ options for arming your Ranger with weapons and armour, covering all affinities and classes. Weapons are vital for creating strong team synergies, so don't hesitate to mix and match for that competitive edge. Armour's no slouch either; with over 50 options, figure out what makes your Ranger most effective in battle and how they can best contribute to your team.

Gameplay Enhancements 

We've rolled out many quality-of-life upgrades across the Arena and Overworld modes. These range from a revamped inventory system to Illuvial Leveling in the Overworld. And speaking of the Overworld, we've made some cool updates that bring us closer to launching Open Beta. Much of our attention went into polishing Ascendant mode to ensure PVP is top-notch for public release. Our goal is to make the game fun for everyone. So, whether you're in the Team Builder crafting your teams with Illuvials, augments, and armaments or duking it out in Ranked and Custom matches in the Arena, we've got you covered.

Visual and Audio Updates

We've taken your feedback seriously and significantly updated the game's visual elements. All four regions have been revamped with improved foliage and a more advanced grass system, complemented by updated lighting. We've also transitioned the entire project to ACES, a vast gamut colour space, for enhanced visual fidelity. As for the Illuvials, each one has received a texture and look-development overhaul to make them more lifelike. And for those of you who love Easter eggs, there's a new secret added in Brightland Steppes; let everyone know when you find it! 

Provide Feedback 

We value your input! We've got an in-game bug reporter, so you can easily flag glitches crashes or suggest game improvements. Your feedback improves this game, so don't hold back—let us know what you think!

How to Participate

If you want to get into the Beta, no worries! Head to the Epic Games Store and wishlist us for access on the 28th at 20:00 UTC. Have you already been part of our previous Private Beta? Great, this means you're good to go and experience the closed beta of the Overworld.

Road Ahead 

It's been an incredible journey at Illuvium, and we still have a long way to go. We aim to make visually stunning and super engaging games in a decentralised way so our community and fans can be part of the process. This motivates us to aim high and deliver the best experience for everyone. As we get closer to open beta, we're excited when you can own a piece of Illuvium history and show off those fantastic Illuvials you capture.

Wrapping up 

So there you have it, Rangers! Beta 3 is shaping up to be a game-changer, packed with new features, modes, and improvements. We're working hard to ensure you're stepping into a world crafted with you in mind when Open Beta comes around. Your feedback is the fuel that keeps us going, and we can't wait for you to jump in and experience all that we have been building. Stay tuned for more focused blogs on each game mode and new patch notes.






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