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Mar 27, 2024

Illuvium Beta 4: All You Need to Know

Rangers, Private Beta 4 is within reach, and you need to know the deal. From an updated roadmap to the ins and outs of Beta 4 and what to expect from the airdrop, we're inching closer, so grab your seats!


The main goal behind our Private and Open Beta Testnet phases is simple: we want your feedback on the gameplay and to test our systems before the Official Open Beta starts. We want you to play as much as possible, hunt for bugs, and ensure everything's operating smoothly on Testnet. To sweeten the deal and say thanks for your help, we've set aside $ILV tokens for Play-To-Airdrop rewards, with 10% reserved for the initial two phases: Private Beta 4 & Open Beta Testnet.

Beta Roadmap


Pre-register to become one of the lucky players who gains access to the private Testnet and earns Airdrop points. You must complete the pre-registration to have a shot at playing before the Open Testnet Phase. Pre-registration will begin April 15th, 2024, and continue until the Testnet is available to all players.

Private Beta 4

Dates: April 30th - May 28th

Private Beta 4 kicks off on April 30th, 2024, marking the first time a select group of players (under 10,000 lucky rangers) will experience the entire gameplay loop on Testnet. The players picked for this initial phase will come from our pool of existing, most active players, community members, and players selected from marketing initiatives. This phase is crucial, as it's our chance to refine features and provide more polish. The features included are passport integration, asset minting, Illuvidex trading, fuel purchasing, and travel mechanics on Testnet. It's about ironing out major kinks for a smooth ride into Open Beta, and as a special thank you, these lucky participants will receive the first Airdrop points.

Open Beta Testnet

Dates: May 28th - TBD

Following the conclusion of the Private Beta, we'll begin the Open Beta Testnet phase, which will be accessible to everyone via Epic Games launcher. We aim for this phase to last 2-4 weeks but are keeping the end date flexible to deliver the best product possible. As a thank you for helping us test the game in its final stages before going live, players will also earn Airdrop Points. We have portioned off 10% of the Play-2-Airdrop $ILV pool for the Testnet phases, and the first Airdrop will be paid out once this period has concluded.

Open Beta Mainnet 

Dates: TBD

Once we have completed sufficient stress testing and all systems are working correctly, we will go live on Mainnet. We have portioned off the other 90% of the Play-2-Airdrop $ILV pool for these five months. After the launch, we intend to continue polishing all four games, adding new features as they become available. 

Play To Airdrop

Qualifying for the airdrop is a breeze: the more you play, the more airdrop points you earn, which applies to all three games. So be prepared; take advantage of the opportunity to grab your share of the $ILV bounty over six months. To make this easier, we'll have a dashboard allowing you to track your accumulated points, which we expect to roll out as we get closer to the Open Beta.


With Private Beta 4 just around the corner, here is an updated roadmap for the rest of 2024. We hope you’re as excited as we are. We want to thank all the community members, investors, content creators, and partners who have helped get us to this point. We couldn’t have done it without you. 





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