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Mar 4, 2024

Illuvium: Beyond - A Collectible Card Game with Endless Possibilities

Illuvium: Beyond is an exciting customisable collectible card game coming on March 7th that offers endless possibilities for collectors to explore and enjoy. With a vast range of unique hand-drawn Illuvitars, accessories, backgrounds, finishes, and competitive aspects, Illuvium: Beyond has something for everyone. There are also exciting possibilities for the future with the development of a casual PvP card game, which requires approval from the DAO.

What is an Illuvitar?

Illuvitars are unique and creative versions of Illuvials that exist beyond the Illuvium Universe. Each Illuvitar is hand-drawn with three different expressions to collect. They also come with a random background and five slots for different accessories, including head, body, skin, props, and eyes.

The finish of the Illuvitar is significant because it affects the overall look of the Illuvitar. There are two finishes, colour and holo, with the possibility of more later. Each Illuvitar has a power rating determined by its rarity, and the rarity of accessories added.


Each Illuvitar has three expressions to collect, each with a different rarity. Collecting all three expressions is essential to completing your album. It also gives players a sense of accomplishment and helps them climb up the leaderboard.


In addition to the expressions, each Illuvitar has a random background with its own rarity. The backgrounds increase its power, add a distinct visual flair, and offer an additional layer of rarity to the Illuvitar.


Illuvitars also have the option to customise their appearance with five accessory slots, including head, body, skin, props, and eyes. Each accessory has its own rarity level, and one accessory can be permanently bonded per slot, allowing players to create a unique and personalised look for their Illuvitar. In addition to their visual impact, accessories also contribute to the power of the Illuvitar.


The appearance of the Illuvitar is greatly influenced by its finish, which significantly impacts its rarity. Currently, there are two available finishes - colour and holo - with the potential for additional finishes to be introduced in the future. Holos are extremely rare, and their discovery is celebrated during the Launch Party.

Power Rating

Each Illuvitar also has a power rating, which can go over 9000! The power of an Illuvitar is determined by its rarity, and the rarity of accessories added. This power rating is a significant factor in the game's competitive aspect, as it influences the player's overall score.

What is a D1sk?

Players can use D1sks to acquire Illuvitars and Accessories, and each contains random items. However, players can also trade D1sks with other players, giving them an opportunity to obtain rare items that they want. The trading system is open and decentralised, which means that players have more control over their transactions. Additionally, players can choose to hold onto their D1sks as they may become more desired over time, as they become rarer due to increased demand.

There are two types of D1sk, the Standard D1sk and the Mega D1sk. 

1. Standard D1sk - The Standard D1sk contains one Illuvitar, three accessories, and one Tier 0 Illuvitar.

2. Mega D1sk - In contrast, the Mega D1sk swaps out the T0 Illuvitar for a guaranteed rare Illuvitar. The Mega D1sk is more expensive but offers better chances of getting great things.

What is a Wave?

Each Illuvitars Wave contains 25 Illuvials. Tier 0 Illuvials will be available in all waves. Each Wave will last 3 months, and there will be 6 Waves in the first set, but we might sell multiple waves at the same time towards the end of the set because we want each set to last approximately 12 months.

To explore the Wave of Illuvials coming on March 7th, check it out here:


At the beginning of a wave, a time-limited sale with a fixed quantity of D1sks marked as Alpha will be held. These D1sks do not affect the gameplay, but they are likely to be more rare and highly sought after.

What is Bonding?

Bonding is when a collector takes an Illuvitar and one or more accessories and permanently puts them together, creating a new customised Illuvitar with a higher power rating. There are billions of combinations available, meaning that the vast majority of Illuvitars will be unique. This allows collectors to personalise their collections and create something special that represents their individuality.

Illuvium: Beyond Hub

The Hub is the central location where all the exciting events take place. Add to your collection, check out the marketplace, view your assets or leaderboards, bond your accessories, and track your progress. It is a must-add to your bookmarks for easy access.


The album is an essential part of Illuvium: Beyond. It's where players store all of the Illuvitars they collect during their journey. The album is divided into different collections that give players something to aim for and a sense of accomplishment when completing a collection or a milestone. Additionally, players earn points that increase their rank and allow them to compete with other collectors.


These are pages in the album with a specific theme. The game has over 100 collections to complete, providing players with plenty of options and challenges. Some collections are straightforward, like the Illuvial Line collection, which contains all the Illuvitars in a particular line (such as the Dodo or Axolotl). In contrast, others are more specific, such as the Affinity collection, which groups Illuvitars based on their elemental affinity.

Collections are categorised into different types, including:

  • Illuvial Line - this collection contains all of the Illuvitars in a particular line.

  • Accessory Line - this collection contains all the Accessories in a line, but first, you must bond them to an Illuvitar.

  • Background Line - this collection contains all the Backgrounds in a line, so you must hold an Illuvitar with those backgrounds.

  • Affinity - this collection groups Illuvitars based on their elemental affinities, such as Water, Nature, and Fire.

  • Class - this collection groups Illuvitars based on their roles in the game, such as Fighter, Bulwark, and Rogue.

  • Set - this collection groups Illuvitars based on the Set they came from.


These are checkpoints that players can reach by completing specific goals. They are an excellent way to earn Album points, track your progress, and motivate you to keep playing. Milestones are essential for collections because they provide players with a clear objective to aim for.

Each collection has its own milestones, which are related to the collection's theme. For example, the Illuvial Line collection has six milestones: three for the Illuvials in the line and three for the different expressions. If you collect all expressions of one Illuvial, you complete a milestone. If you collect all the rare expressions, then you have another milestone. Achieving a milestone gives players a visual representation of their progress and valuable points.


Each collection in the album contains multiple sleeves that serve as the designated spots for your Illuvitars. By placing your Illuvitars inside the sleeves, you increase your score based on their power rating. The most effective way to improve your score is by placing powerful Illuvitars inside the sleeves. Additionally, you can place the same Illuvitar in different sleeves across various collections as long as it fits. Thus, strategic planning and management of your trades and purchases are crucial for maximising the potential of your collection. If you’re feeling impatient, there is a way to place all your Illuvitars into available sleeves automatically, but it won’t be as optimised as if you do it yourself.

Be warned: If you sell your Illuvitar then it will no longer be in any sleeves and you will lose any points gained from that, as well as any milestone or collection bonuses.


Illuvium: Beyond has a competitive aspect that allows players to compete with one another. The leaderboard tracks the top 100 players with the highest album points, allowing everyone to see who the best collectors are. Players receive a rank from Bronze to Diamond to make things even more competitive based on their album points.

Album Points

Every Illuvitar in the album has a power rating, which determines the number of points players receive when they add it to their collection. Completing collections and milestones also increases the player’s album points total. The more points a player earns, the higher their position on the leaderboard.


The leaderboard shows the top 100 players in Illuvium: Beyond. It's a great way to see how you measure up against the competition and what you need to do to climb the ranks. The leaderboard displays the player's username, rank, and album points, allowing players to see who the best collectors are.


The rank system is based on album points, ranging from Bronze to Diamond. As players accumulate points, they climb the ranks, with each rank requiring more points than the previous one. The rank system is excellent motivation to collect more Illuvitars, complete more collections, and reach more milestones. Later, players will earn exclusive borders to be used around their Illuvitars based on the rank they achieve.

Launch Party

Join us during the sale kicking off on March 7th as we celebrate the community as they open their D1sks. There is a music player to keep up the vibe and a stream of the latest Illuvitars and Accessories found (especially the rare ones). We track the highest power found so far and who found it. And we have community and individual stretch goals to give back to the community when we hit significant sales milestones. For example, if the community purchases more than 5,000 D1sks everyone who takes part in the sale will get an exclusive emote for use in Illuvium: Arena. Individually if you purchase more than 10 D1sks you will receive a 10% off coupon for the Merch Store.


Illuvium: Beyond is an engaging and competitive collectible card game that offers a unique experience to all types of players. The album is an essential part of the game, allowing players to store their Illuvitars and track their progress. Collections, milestones, album points, and the game's competitive aspect give players a sense of purpose and motivation to continue playing and improving their collections. The leaderboard and rankings add a sense of prestige and recognition for top players, giving them a reason to keep striving for greatness. With its stunning visuals, addictive collecting, and competitive nature, Illuvium: Beyond is the most exciting NFT collection on the blockchain.


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