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Mar 4, 2024

Illuvium: Beyond Is Coming on March 7th, Ranger!

Illuvium: Beyond Is Coming - Prepare for March 7th! 

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our customisable NFT Adventure with Illuvium: Beyond on March 7th!

In Illuvium: Beyond, you will compete to collect the most powerful Illuvitar NFTs based on our in-game characters Illuvials. With in-game utility across all Illuvium games and an upcoming interactive and competitive card game in the Illuvitars Hub, the possibilities are endless. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about how we plan to make Illuvitars the most iconic NFT collection in Web3. Our team of talented artists with past experience working in Web2 gaming giants like Blizzard, Magic the Gathering, and Sega; are the masterminds behind the Illuvitars collection.

We have joined forces with the best in the business, including Immutable X, Binance, and Chainlink, to bring the Illuvitars vision to life. Immutable X guarantees true digital ownership and gas-free transactions, Binance Connect offers effortless purchasing on Illuvidex, and Chainlink's price feeds determine the sILV2/ ETH price. Additionally, Chainlink's VRF technology ensures a completely transparent selection process for raffle winners.

We are confident that the combination of our experienced team and our partners' industry-leading technology will make Illuvitars the most sought-after NFT collection in the market. We can't wait for March 7th to share it with you all.

When first pitched, the concept of Illuvitars was straightforward. A profile picture project like any other. Except that isn’t really true. There were already some differences that made it both compelling and challenging:

  1. Illuvitars will blow your mind with their stunning art quality, created by some of the best artists in the industry who have worked on projects like Magic The Gathering.

  2. It would be unique because, unlike most other projects, we wouldn’t have one base layer such as a monkey, lizard, or human. That sounds cool until you realise it means approximately 150 times more work is required. Then, it’s not so cool.

But it does pose a challenge and a puzzle worth solving. How could you create an art project with 155 unique Illuvials as the base layers? Would it be possible? How could you change the project to leverage those massive points of difference?

What emerged from those questions was the firm belief that an Illuvitar is not just any ordinary profile picture, it is a work of art that you can build and customise to your heart's desire. And that powerful thought persevered through the entirety of the project. From this idea, many other things followed:

  • We would need to sell them in packs, giving a random assortment of Accessories so collectors had the chance to find something valuable.

  • Illuvitars are not just static images. They're living, breathing creations you can bond with and make your own. The more you interact with them, the more special they become.

  • We're not cutting corners with Illuvitars. We're going all out in every aspect, from the smooth animations and cool sound effects to the sleek design and rock-solid technology. It's going to be an unforgettable experience.

Illuvitars Core

Introducing Illuvitars Core, the ultimate suite of features that makes collecting Illuvitars an unforgettable experience. From bonding to sales, loading D1sks to discovering the rarest Alphas and Missed Prints, we've thought of everything to make it the best it can be. Each part of the project has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The design documentation now contains over three hundred and fifty pages of details on interactions, calculations, templates, animations, philosophy, and more. We’ve genuinely tried to think of everything.

Engagement Through The Launch Party

We want to make every release of Illuvitars a party, where collectors can come together and share their creations, from the latest purchases to the rarest finds. We're creating a sense of community, and it's going to be epic.

The launch party is a page that will update you with the people’s latest purchases and creations, including the Stretch Goals, which are sales targets to hit where we promise to deliver more features the higher the levels go. You’ll be able to see when someone mints a new holo and when someone gets a super rare Accessory or Background. You’ll see the most powerful Illuvitar, which will change over time as collectors begin their Bonding journeys.

But something felt missing. Something that I couldn’t identify and required someone more innovative and creative than myself to solve. What if this wasn’t just a PFP project where people buy things and flaunt them on Twitter or discord? That has been done before, and even though ours would be better, it wasn’t fundamentally different. And that is what Illuvium is about: Using the technology as it is meant to be used.

Enter Illuvitars Album

The Illuvitars Album is a collector’s dream. It is interactive, competitive, and responsive to the individual.

What is a Collection?

At the Album’s heart are its dynamic collections. These are pages in the Album where everything matches a theme. Want a place to flaunt just your Axolotl Line? We have you covered. Love collecting burning things? Just head to the Fire Synergy Collection.

You don’t need to build these yourself, spending hours entrenched in tedium moving cards around to make a theme. They are built for you on the fly. When you buy or mint an Atlas for the first time, we read your wallet and reveal the Axolotl Line Collection. You’ll also see the Water and Bulwark Collections too; without any effort on your part. And what’s even more remarkable is that you can add your new Illuvitar to ALL those collections. You don’t need to have multiple copies to fill multiple Collections.

This is the beauty of an NFT collection. You get the benefits of digital (no wear and tear, easy to display, animations, sell in an instant without worrying about shipping, and the ability to show it in multiple collections simultaneously) AND the benefits of non-fungibility (you own it, it is one of a kind, and it is verifiably rare). And if you want to view Collections you haven’t started yet, to see what is out there, you can toggle that as well. Be warned, there are over 100 Collections to complete.

When you put these features together, you have a compelling package.

Longevity Through Competition

We're not just satisfied with giving you a great way to display your Illuvitars, we want to make it competitive too. With our points system, you'll be able to earn a Rank and compete on the leaderboard against other collectors from around the world. (Later on we’ll give you personal leaderboards of just your Guild or Friends List)

The points system is built around the rarity of the Illuvitars, which we call their Illuvitar Power. Each Illuvitar has a power rating based on the chance of minting it. A holo Rhamphyre with a rare background and a rare expression will be more powerful than a common expression Atlas, for instance. But there is a balancing act. Each collection has several Milestones (mini collections to finish), which earn you points; therefore, it is sometimes better to collect many Illuvitars rather than just a few powerful ones. And it never hurts to try collecting many powerful Illuvitars!

Collection Rewards

Players can earn achievements in many ways throughout the Illuvium Universe. One such method is by finishing Collections in the Illuvitars Album. Not only will you earn extra points for completing a Collection, but you could also earn bonuses such as borders to make your Illuvitar pop in your profile picture or emotes to use in the Arena (or any other game).

Into the Future

Illuvitars will expand over time. This is something we genuinely believe in. As we create our interoperable universe, we want to ensure each product gets the love and attention it needs. We can’t go into too many details about our plans but suffice it to say that Illuvitars will connect to the Illuvium Universe through your Illuvials. Remember, Illuvitars are avatars FOR your Illuvials.

The meticulous attention to detail is not something you’ll find in other NFT collections. We will leave “Adjective Animals” to everybody else on the blockchain. What you’ll get from us is a beautiful, hand-drawn, interactive, competitive, addictive collection game that will integrate into our existing universe.

Will that be enough? We think so.


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