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Mar 9, 2023

Illuvium: Beyond Launch Party - Join the Celebration on March 7th!

Get ready for the biggest event of the year! We are thrilled to announce the Illuvium: Beyond Launch Party, a celebration of our amazing community as they open their first D1SKs during the Alpha Sale and Extended Sale starting on March 7th at 10:00 PM UTC!

The Launch Party is the place to be with an analytics dashboard that displays various trackable data points about the sale event, including the highest power Illuvitar, discovered so far, who found it, and community and individual stretch goals.

To get in on the action, sign in to your account on March 7th and navigate to Arriving on the IlluviDex, head to the Launch Party Page, where you’ll find a live feed of Illuvitars other collectors have minted, plus play music and see the most recent holo Illuvitar minted!

Now for the exciting part - we’re giving away tons of fantastic prizes for the completion of community-wide and individual stretch goals! Each goal will be closely tracked and celebrated live on stream as we reach them together! Keep an eye on the live feed to ensure you’re up to date as the latest and greatest Colour & Holo Illuvitars are minted or bonded, as well as the current record for the single highest Illuvitar Power in Wave 1.

The first community stretch goals include:

  • 5000 D1SKs minted: “First Wave” Emote becomes available for all participants, which you can claim when the Public Beta is live.

  • 10,000 D1SKs minted: We will reveal a never-before-seen Illuvial in Set 2!

But that's not all; individual stretch goals will start at just 10 D1SKs minted, providing you with a single-use code to be used on the Merch Store once it's live. And if that's not enough, we might also have some private beta codes in store for you in the individual stretch goal prizes!

We track goals in real-time and reveal new stretch goals immediately- ensure you monitor your progress! Of all the active goals, we will only show the current and the next, so there's always a surprise around the corner! To see your progress towards the set goals, log in with your Account Wallet.

We also invite you to join our 24-hour stream, where we will have a live party featuring D1SK Openings, giveaways, non-stop special guests, and fun surprises, hosted on our YouTube channel via this link:!

But wait, there's more! In addition to the launch of Illuvium: Beyond and the Launch Party, we have another exciting announcement. During the first week of the game's launch, we'll activate the Leaderboard, accessible via the Beyond Hub. This will bring a new competitive aspect to the game, allowing players to compete and fight to dominate the ladder. Get ready to put your skills to the test and climb your way to the top!

The Leaderboard tracks the top 100 players with the highest album points, allowing everyone to see who the best collectors are. Players receive a rank from Bronze to Diamond.

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the first Illuvium Launch Party and participate in the year's biggest event!



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