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Aug 3, 2023

Illuvium: Beyond Point System Explained

Illuvium: Beyond is a collectible card game that offers players endless possibilities to collect, customise and compete in a race to the top of the leaderboard! Featuring a curated selection of unique hand-drawn Illuvitars, accessories, backgrounds, finishes, and expressions, Illuvium: Beyond has something for everyone! 

Competitive Collectors - look no further; Illuvium: Beyond allows players to customise their collection with a range of weird and wacky accessories. How the player chooses to customise their collection of Illuvitars strategically will determine both the uniqueness of their collection and their overall success in the game!

Players looking to dominate must maximise Illuvitar Power Ratings to earn Album Points, Rank up, and climb the Leaderboard!

The Album is the player's window into the world of Collections. Here, players can explore their collections, categorised by tiers, lines, expressions and more! Completing key milestones within the collection will unlock additional Album Points, determining the player's Rank and position on the Leaderboard

For the truly dedicated, you can collect different expressions, backgrounds and finishes of each Illuvial. Each Illuvitar includes a unique expression and a random background with its own rarity. In addition, there are five customizable slots, including - head, body, skin, props, and eyes. The finish of the Illuvitar affects its overall look and rarity, with two finishes currently available, colour and holo, and the possibility of more to come with future releases. 

Each Illuvitar’s Power Rating is determined by its base rarity multiplied by the accessories the player has chosen to bond. The Power Rating of any given Illuvitar in a player's Collection contributes to the player's overall score and influences the game's competitive aspect. The rarer an Illuvitar’s portrait, background, expression, finish and bonded accessories are, the higher the Illuvitars Power Rating. Once sleeved in the album, this Illuvitar adds to the overall Album Points and Ranking of your individual collection. The more points a player earns, the higher their Rank on the Leaderboard! 

“Where do I find the Album?”

Once you load your D1SK and receive your Illuvitars, visit the Illuvitars Hub and navigate to your Album to explore the collections and display your Illuvitars. Each Collection contains sleeves that can be filled with Illuvitars, allowing players to display their favourite Illuvitars privately and publicly! 

As you begin to populate your Album and your progress bar on each individual collection advances, you will gain Album Points which are reflected on the Leaderboard seen by all collectors. 

The Leaderboard displays the top 100 players in Illuvium: Beyond, showing the player's Username, Rank, and Total Album Points. A player's Rank is determined by the bracket they fall into; this is based on the player's total Album Points and ranges from Bronze to Diamond, with each Rank requiring more points than the previous one. Completing collections and milestones also increases your total Album Points, motivating players to collect more Illuvitars and reach new milestones!

But wait, there's more! Illuvium: Beyond introduces exciting possibilities for future development, including a casual PvP card game… pending approval from the DAO.

To read more about Illuvium: Beyond, check out our “All You Need To Know” article here and get ready to build your collection in Illuvium: Beyond! 



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