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Mar 4, 2024

Illuvium: Beyond x GameStop Buyer's Guide

Your go-to guide for Promo D1SKs, rarity rates, and content in Illuvium: Beyond Promo D1SK sale.

The Illuvium x GameStop Promo D1SKs Sale is a one-of-a-kind event uniting the worlds of gaming and digital collectibles. These Promo D1SKs feature a select assortment of pre-bonded Illuvitars, each uniquely designed with distinct expressions, finishes, and backgrounds. Expand your Illuvium: Beyond Collection, ascend the leaderboard, and secure your rewards, all within the exciting universe of Illuvium. Discover the thrill of owning these exclusive digital collectibles today. Each promo D1SK will cost about $50 in ETH which will be transacted on Layer 2 IMX so make sure to get your deposits onto IMX.

GameStop Promo Sale

Each GameStop Promo D1SK contains a unique GameStop-Branded Illuvitar, which has 1620 potential combinations based on the:

  • 6 Different Illuvitars (Ranging from Tier 0 to Tier 5)

  • 2 Finishes (Holo & Coloured)

  • 3 Expression Possibilities (Common, Uncommon, Rare)

  • 1 Background Tier (3 Stages, 5 colour variations each randomly chosen for your Illuvitar)

Pre-bonded GameStop Illuvitars are purchased via Promo D1SKs, which are tradable containers that can be loaded to receive pre-bonded Illuvium x GameStop Promo Illuvitars.

Promo D1SK Load Distribution

Below are the weights for each random attribute of an item found in a Promo D1SK. It is used to determine the probability of receiving a specific type of item.

Random Illuvitar Attribute Weights

The random Illuvitar you receive is determined by attribute weights. The attribute weights are used to determine the Tier, Stage, Expression, Finish, Background Tier, and Background Stage of your Illuvitar.

Tier & Stage

Please be advised that effective percentages for D1SK stages are estimates only.



Background Tier

For Promo D1SK backgrounds they are all Tier 1 with 3 stages and 5 colour variations coming to 15 different possible colour variations.

Background Stage

Pre-Bonded Accessory Weights

The Accessory you receive is determined by Illuvitar. Depending on the Illuvitar pulled each Illuvitar has a set number of accessories that come pre-bonded. No further accessories are able to be bonded.

All GameStop exclusive accessories are Tier 1 Stage 1 accessories carrying a boost percentage of 2.5%.



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