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Mar 4, 2024

Illuvium Dev Blog - Nov 2022


[Edit] This dev blog was extremely late due to all the release activity, but I think it is important to release it for posterity]

There is a mad scramble behind the scenes as all teams prepare for the upcoming releases. Many have noticed the rate of leaks and AMAs has dropped. This is deliberate as we approach the Overworld PB1 release. We’re much better now at regulating our feeds to you, and hopefully, that shows you the maturity we’ve developed over the last year.

We’re deep in the final push of so many projects that we can’t always be as forward-facing to the public as we would like, but that will change after the subsequent few releases. We’re also much better at organising our processes, which will help us stick to our internal deadlines and hopefully help give you more confidence with any published dates.

There is always room to grow. We know that we can do even better. But we’re hitting our stride now, and I’m so proud of what the team has accomplished in such little time.

Illuvium: Overworld

As everyone paying attention has noticed, Overworld is nearly here. There has been so much anticipation for this release, matched equally with the work and dedication shown by the team to build it for you. We hope you enjoy playing and giving us feedback on what we can do even better.

As I’ve said, we’re deliberately holding back in some areas. We have to for many reasons. But what you see is enough to give you an idea of the core game loops. Many more features planned will fill out that experience and make the worlds come to life (as much as a dead planet can).


  • The Overworld release candidate is ready.

Illuvium: Zero

Hot on the heels of Overworld, Zero is starting to heat up. It’s not quite as polished as Overworld yet, but it is close. A release candidate will come soon, and we’re confident that the end of the holiday season will be exciting for landholders.


  • Updated all the pop-up UI elements.

  • Updated the backgrounds.

  • Updated goals.

  • Improved the menus for bio-data and blueprints.

  • Added login features to support checking plot ownership.

  • Final release candidate in preparation.

  • Re-rendered all regions.

Illuvium: Arena

Arena has been relegated to 3rd on the list of updates in the Dev Blog. Oh No! Nothing extraordinary to report here, as the month was spent finalising the Core and building the foundations for PVP. Outwardly we don’t have any leaks because it was primarily tools and optimisations that were sorely needed.


  • Simple Visualisation Tool.

  • All the ability features to support the remaining Illuvials.

  • Prototype PVP.

Illuvium Website

We’ve moved away from Medium and started work on the DAO dashboard and some final work for the Content Portal. These are some significant steps forward for the community, so I hope they are appreciated. As with everything, we don’t do something unless we can do it well.

There’s also a lot of work supporting the subsequent releases, including landing pages, explainers, and much more.


  • Footer Updates.

  • UX Updates in Email Subscribe.

  • Meta Description Update.

  • Moving Illuvitars trailer to Vimeo.

  • UI/UX Bugfixes.

Account Area

The new Account Area lets you track your progress in all the Illuvium games and activities. It's gotten big enough now that it's its own product. You'll be able to see your profile history and see how far you've come. Plus, all the details from every Illuvium game are here, so you can see everything in one place. You can also customise your profile settings, link a wallet, and choose a ranger name. And if you need to, you can update your passwords too. It's going to be a great way to stay organised.


  • Create Account

  • Profile History

  • Link Account

  • Profile Settings

  • Link Wallet

  • Ranger Names

  • Password Updates


The IlluviDex will always be a work in progress. It is the most customer-facing app besides the games; in a sense, it links to all the games. Most of the work needed to support Illuvitars is complete. This month was light on work as most features required for Illuvitars are complete, but we upgraded many security aspects.


  • IlluviDEX key API audit


Where to begin? We’ve finished most of the core features, including the sale (more on that later), loading D1sks, and Bonding and are currently building the Album app. It’s a big one, so there is still a lot to do, but with our new structured approach, we believe we will burn through tasks much faster than we have in the past.


  • Illuvitars Core is nearly complete:

    • Purchasing

    • Loading

    • Bonding

    • Trading

    • Analytics is the only outstanding item.

  • Album work is in progress.

General Updates


We saw our Illuvium Cloud Platform receive three significant updates, including improvements to our log ingestion and processor logic, secrets handling, ci/cd pipeline improvements, and alerts surfacing. We continued to progress on our operational observability initiative, and the team are on target to deliver phase one as planned well before the end of Q1 2023. During this time, we also defined architectures to support our other initiatives with the data engineering team. We’ll have more updates on that shortly.


  • Continued writing and reviewing Illuvial Profiles.

  • Finished off the story aspects of the cinematic.

  • Developed the tone for the Illuvium story universe.

  • Continued direction and production of the cinematic.

  • Worked on incorporating story more across departments, specifically with art and marketing.

  • Wrote flavour text for the Overworld, including items and weapons.


I’m so excited about the products we have coming. I had the same feeling just before we released Staking v2. Back then, people knew there would be improvements, but without having them in their hands, it was hard to understand the benefits. There were also many things going on in the background to ensure the safety of your assets, and it was quite possibly the most complex contract in DeFi to date. We hit the bytecode limit multiple times and had to optimise to fit it all in.

The current set of products in the pipeline feels like that. Illuvitars has HUNDREDS of times more hand-drawn art than the next best product on the market. We’re talking about a system that allows art configuration on par with assets only seen in leading AAA card games. It makes sense since some of our artists have made art for Magic the Gathering, among others. The work required to support that with an interactive collection game is massive, and we’re doing it while we build out three titles. It’s a lot.

I’m so glad we have a fantastic community of supporters. We know you’ll enjoy what we build because what we release to you will make us proud.

Release Order

PB1 OW → IZ Alpha → Merch Store → Illuvitars → PB3 Arena → PB2 Overworld → Launcher


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