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Nov 8, 2023

Illuvium on Epic Games Store

Illuvium's Epic Arrival: The Game Changer Coming to Epic Games Store

It's Time Rangers! Illuvium is about to take the gaming world by storm with its debut on the Epic Games Store on November 28th, 2023. This isn't just another launch; it's a pivotal moment for our community and a massive leap into a platform set to amplify our game like never before.

Here's the lowdown on why this is a mega move:

Wishlist Today

While the download button is warming up, you can hit 'Wishlist' to be first in line when Illuvium Beta 3: PVP explodes onto the scene. Anticipate a level of competitive play that'll shake the foundations of the auto battler genre.

The Epic Advantage

Embarking on a journey with the Epic Games Store means joining a realm where gaming legends dwell. This move puts Illuvium in front of Epic's colossal user base of over 180 million, with 31.3 million daily warriors, ensuring our universe is set to expand exponentially.

Seamless Gaming, Always Updated

Bid farewell to the days of chasing updates. With the Epic Games Store's auto-update feature, Illuvium will always be at the cutting edge, giving you uninterrupted access to the evolving world we've crafted.

Early Access, Mass Inclusion

This isn't just for the few; it's for the mighty crowd of 1.5 million registered users and the new adventurers who join along the way. Illuvium's early access on Epic is a welcome to all, setting the stage for epic adventures that are universally accessible.

A Galactic Community Awaits

With Illuvium's arrival on the Epic Games Store, we're not just stepping into a new platform—we're diving into a thriving ecosystem buzzing with activity. This move is about skyrocketing visibility and forging connections with a community as passionate about gaming as we are.

The PVP Countdown Begins

The anticipation for Illuvium Beta 3: PVP is reaching critical mass. This is where strategy, skill, and competition collide in a uniquely Illuvium spectacle. With Epic as our launchpad, this event will be one for the history books.

Join the Illuvium Epic Release

We're just as excited as you are to see Illuvium take its rightful place on the Epic Games Store. Spread the word, prep your tactics, and brace for a PVP experience redefining the auto battler genre.

Epic Games Release: November 28th, 2023

Check out Illuvium on the Epic Games Store in your preferred language and be a part of this incredible journey:

English: Illuvium on Epic Games Store

French: Illuvium sur Epic Games Store

Portuguese: Illuvium na Epic Games Store

With anticipation soaring and the countdown ticking, the Illuvium team is excited, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Stay tuned for further updates, and let's make gaming history together!





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