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Dec 12, 2022

Illuvium Overworld v0.1.0 Patch Notes

Hello, and welcome to the first Illuvium: Overworld Private Beta. The creation of this Beta has been a labour of love, and we’re excited to finally see the Overworld in player hands. 

As this is the first beta release, there will be changes and significant improvements as we move towards the Open Beta, so we have not included an in-game tutorial. Players should use this video: Illuvium Overworld Explainer Video to get acquainted instead.  


In the Overworld Beta, you play as a Ranger (technically Arlen), trying to build your collection and improve your team. It does not include the main story elements; we want to keep them under wraps. It contains many core game mechanics, such as movement, battles, harvesting, mining, forging, and fusion.

In Crimson Waste (the only Region available in this Beta), you capture, mine, and harvest collectibles. Those actions cost Energy, and once you’ve spent it, you’ll need to travel back to Sanctum Mesa to recharge. Will you scan everything before collecting, picking, and choosing carefully, or maximise your collection by grabbing everything you see? Choose your strategy wisely.

You have an excellent opportunity to experience one of our seven meticulously crafted regions before anyone else. Take some screenshots.

In Sanctum Mesa, craft new armaments and upgrades with your collected items and fuse your captured Illuvials to build the best deck possible. Improving your team and your gear allows you to tackle the higher Stages where the most powerful Illuvials are more common. 

We have also added a leaderboard so players can compete daily by finding the rarest collectibles as quickly as possible. We hope to see some fantastic high scores.


Players with access to the current Illuvium: Arena Private Beta will have access to the Overworld Private Beta. There is a single game client that now provides access to both Arena and Overworld. Login to your account and download the Beta from this LINK.

We send out Beta invites periodically, so If you have signed up but still need access, keep an eye on your inbox as well as our social media for Private Beta spot giveaways

If you still need to sign up, you can do so on our website HERE


Players move using standard third-person movement controls. But the movement system has unique elements not found elsewhere. You start the game with a basic Jetpack and basic Gravity Boots, which consume Kinetic. Your Kinetic recharges when in contact with the ground. Both items can be upgraded at the Forge to create significantly more powerful versions. Mastering your equipment substantially increases the speed you can find and collect in the Overworld. For detailed information, see the accompanying Hotkey guide for specific movement commands.

Jetpack and Gravity Boots

The Jetpack allows you to traverse vast distances. You can navigate while in the air, but make sure your Kinetic doesn’t deplete over a pool of acid. The Jetpack does not allow you to move vertically. For that, use the Gravity Boots. They are a momentum-based system that creates a temporary gravity well under you, enabling you to bounce incredibly high. Time your jumps to use your Kinetic more efficiently. Place teleport beacons around the Region to quickly hop between two locations. These beacons show on the Map for easy access. There’s a permanent one in the central hub in Sanctum Mesa.


Use Obelisks to travel between regions. Travelling to Sanctum Mesa or the Stage zero version of Crimson Waste is always free but travelling to the higher Stages costs fuel. Players receive 5000 Cryptons per day to spend travelling. You can still visit the Stage 0 version of Crimson Waste if you run out.

Companion Drone

Your Polymorphic Companion Drone is your best friend in this harsh world. In the first Overworld Beta, you receive a M0z4rt configuration (more configurations will be available in the future). Your M0z4rt does everything: Mining, Extracting, Capturing Illuvials, and even teleporting you back to a safe beacon when it detects critical damage to your suit.

Side Note: Many players don’t realise that in Illuvium: Arena, the playable character is the Companion Drone!

You can upgrade your Drone with Upgrades. These craftable items allow you to specialise in various behaviours and maximise the loot you can obtain in the Overworld.


Your visor comes equipped with a powerful ability that scans the world in a way your vision cannot. Activate it to highlight the Wakes, Harvestable Plants, and Deposits in a Region.


You must capture the Illuvials you encounter before deploying them on your team. First, shoot the Illuvial Wake with the dimensional tether. Missing the shot or getting too close causes the Illuvial to flee to another location in the Region.

After successfully shooting the Wake, a Singularity appears, providing direct access to the Illuvial and any friends it has brought along. Entering an Encounter costs Energy, so you can scan first and determine if the Encounter is too difficult or even worth fighting. 

After travelling through the Singularity, you find yourself on a Battle Board. You need to defeat the Illuvials present to attempt to capture them. Singularities are inherently unstable, and deploying Illuvials reduces that stability. Try winning the battle using the fewest Mastery Points to maximise your capture attempts. Your Drone attempts to capture Illuvials onto Shards and is not always successful. When the Singularity is completely unstable, the Encounter collapses, and your Drone will pull you out before you are trapped forever.

Capturing requires cured Shards (see crafting for info on how to obtain them). Higher Tier Shards have higher capture power.


To mine, you first need to find a deposit. Each Region contains deposits, and each type has different spawn weights for the resources inside. Mining is how you obtain Ores, Gems, and Shards. Gems and shards must be processed at the Zero Point Forge before you can use them.

Regions change slightly each time you travel, so don’t be surprised if you find different deposits in different locations.


You can harvest certain plants in the Overworld. You are guaranteed a consumable and a chance to receive Essence. Consumables still need to be fully implemented, and players cannot use them currently.


Illuvium: Overworld presents a new suite of tools for you to use - the unique movement system can take time to master and will become incredibly rewarding as you jump, and fly, through the Crimson Waste. To help you start out on the right foot we’ve put together a handy control guide. Use this to get the most out of your time in the Overworld.

Known Issues

As this is a private Beta, it is released in an imperfect state. Below are the most common issues of which we are aware. This is not an exhaustive list, but if you happen to encounter a bug, please report it even if it is found on this list.

The game crashes randomly due to GPU errors.

Context: We are aware of a bug in Unreal Engine that can cause a crash with error codes DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED and DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG. This will be fixed in the next update.

Textures become corrupted after playing for some time.

Context: We are aware of a bug in Unreal Engine 5.0 due to texture memory corruption. This will be fixed when we upgrade to 5.1 for the next private Beta. It is less common for those with more graphics memory.

Temporary stuttering when entering new areas.

Context: This is due to level streaming and will be fixed with the upgrade to 5.1.

Players cannot interact with a Harvestable Plant or a Deposit if a Singularity is nearby.

Context: We have a fix planned for the next release. Until then, we suggest not tagging a Singularity if it is near other resources.

The FPS drops when using various user interfaces.

Context: The user interface still needs to be fully optimised. We know about the issue and will fix it as soon as possible.

Some plants have no collisions and no movement.

Context: The art still needs to be finalised for all regions. These will be fixed but are low priority.

Switching from fullscreen to windowed and moving it to another monitor and back to fullscreen displaces all the buttons.

Context: This is caused by a bug in Unreal Engine, and we will work to find a solution as soon as possible.

There are no in-game tutorials or tool tips for how various features work.

Context: We are busy implementing features before improving the UI or quality of life issues. We appreciate that some things are new and confusing and will improve them over time. We would love feedback on what is or isn’t intuitive. A long-form tutorial will be available shortly on Youtube that explains the major features. An in-game tutorial is planned for the final release.

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