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Apr 29, 2024

Illuvium x Team Liquid

Illuvium's Partnership with Team Liquid is a Game-Changer for Web3 Gaming

What's on the Horizon

Team Liquid Flair: Imagine Illuvitars decked out in Team Liquid’s iconic style. We’re working on the Promo D1SK Sale, which will excite existing and new collectors.

Streaming With the Best: Expect to see Team Liquid’s elite streamers live in Illuvium’s Ascendant PvP mode. It’s not just a game; it’s a showdown featuring names like Midbeast, Rakin, and SaintVicious. Check out our calendar of upcoming streaming events for Team Liquid:

Tournament Time: We’re cooking up a co-hosted tournament that will be a magnet for competitive spirits from both our communities with a $100,000+ prize pool.

Team Liquid: The Esports Heavyweights

Team Liquid isn't just any team. They’ve been on the esports scene since 2000, racking up over $47M in prize cash and a fan base that’s hard to match. These folks have built an empire with over 120 pros across the most prominent games. They're not just players but pioneers with a fortress of Training Facilities spanning the globe.

For Illuvium fans, this is big. Team Liquid stands for excellence and innovation—values we swear by. With their expertise and our shared passion for pushing boundaries, we’re set to redefine gaming together.

Illuvium's Allure for Team Liquid

What’s in Illuvium for a titan like Team Liquid? Plenty. Our ‘Play and Own’ mantra aligns with how Liquid operates—continually engaging, always empowering. Our strategic depth, exploration, and the thrill of owning your assets will resonate with Team Liquid and its followers.

Changing the Game for Web3

This collaboration is more than just two names shaking hands. It's about setting a precedent for Web3 gaming in mainstream esports. It's about creating a world where gaming achievements translate to the real world, where every move could be the one that lands you something epic.

The Wrap-Up

Stay locked to this channel. We’ve got a ton of exclusive Team Liquid content on the way. See the new Team Liquid x Illuvium Partnership Page here:

This partnership is the first step into the next chapter for Illuvium, and with Team Liquid’s legacy and our vision, the game’s never been so real.





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