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Jun 9, 2023

Illuvium: Zero Alpha Season 1 Is live!

 Get Ready For Illuvium: Zero Alpha Season 1



Rangers! The moment you've been waiting for is here. We're pleased to announce the commencement of Illuvium: Zero Alpha Season 1 - a monumental milestone in Illuvium's journey to Open Beta!



Today the DAO celebrates the launch of Alpha v0.2.0 with anticipation running high! For the first time in Illuvium's history, players have the unique opportunity to develop their Land, Scan and Research in-game assets, and prepare for future minting.

This season debut's the intriguing possibility of blueprint discovery. Dedicated players will gain the ability to mint blueprints found during Season 1, enabling you to retain the blueprint assets, despite the Land data wipe scheduled ahead of Open Beta.



The Magic of Blueprints



Blueprints are captivating collectible plans that act as a recipe when crafting skins. Players can mint up to 15 blueprints per plot, distributed across 5 Illuvials, i.e., 3 per Illuvial.

Expect to learn more about the minting window as we approach the end of Season 1.




Are You Game?



You must own at least one land plot to participate in Illuvium: Zero Alpha. You can secure land through the Illuvidex (Illuvium's Marketplace), purchased from current landowners, as the date for our next Land Sale Event is yet to be announced. While free-to-play land plots won't be available during the alpha testing phase, they are planned for a future release.



For a comprehensive guide on how to purchase land and dive into Illuvium: Zero, we recommend watching our explainer: 

While the Illuvium: Zero Private Alpha is live, this is a closed Alpha, exclusively available to our esteemed Landowners. To fully understand what to expect from the Alpha and how to maximize your experience, we urge you to watch our Illuvium: Zero Alpha explainer video and check out the Illuvium: Zero Alpha Patch Notes. Then get in there and play Illuvium: Zero Alpha Season 1!

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