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May 17, 2023

Overworld Private Beta 2 Launch Date is Confirmed

Our passionate Illuvium team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the past few months to bring you a transformative update to the Illuvium Overworld and Arena.

Deployment operations begin at approximately 08:30 UTC on May 18th. During this, players can expect at least 3 hours of game downtime before being able to download the updated client, log in and play!

We are thrilled that the much-anticipated Private Beta 2 (OW 0.2.0 & AB 0.2.5) is almost here, and with it comes exciting new features, Illuvials, and regions to explore and conquer.

New Access Protocol for Private Beta 2

For our dedicated Beta Testers, rest assured your access is maintained, you can log in, download and play Overworld Public Beta 2 on release.

Once we announce that the latest client is live and available for download, we encourage all participating players to log in to their Illuvium accounts and download the latest version of the game.

Prior to installation, the old game file folder should be removed.

Newcomers to Private Beta can apply for access through our website HERE.

Here's What's New in Overworld

Private Beta 2 introduces two new regions, the Abyssal Basin and the Brightland Steppes, each with a distinct ambience and landscape. New Illuvials are also set to join the fight in Arena and Overworld experiences. Our interactive plant feature allows you to see flora reacting to environmental elements, and a few new movement mechanics have been added to the player's baseline suit. Moreover, server integration now stores most game information, making reconnection easier.

More details to come on Launch Day Blog!

Discover the Regions

  • Brightland Steppes: A vast grassland populated by large roots and giant rock spires and human size bubbles that help you traverse the towering landscape.

  • Abyssal Basin: Navigate through a challenging swamp terrain dominated by Titanicus Mushrooms, where Water, Nature, and Earth elements reign supreme.

Check out the Illuvium: Overworld Private Beta 2 Tutorial:

Welcome to the Arena

Our Arena update introduces 28 new Illuvials from 10 unique lines. Expect significant changes to every Illuvial, a rework to Synergies, and an improvement to the UX and Hyper. The Survival Algorithm has been refined to more accurately account for changes in team composition arising from adjustments to Illuvial and Synergy.

Illuvial Base Rework

We've overhauled all Illuvials, pushing each into more distinctive archetypes, allowing them incredible strengths and weaknesses. Empaths and Psions are less tanky but pack more power into their Omegas, making them more susceptible to Rogues and flanking behaviours. Conversely, Fighters and Bulwarks gain more stats but have their Omegas weakened.

Simplified Synergies

To make Synergies easier to understand and more powerful, we've simplified them. Now, playing a unit with a Synergy only increases the specific Synergy that they are. This allows for a more excellent range of Synergies within a Team, making team compositions more flexible and diverse.

Looking Forward

We are eager to bring these updates to life and await your feedback. Stay tuned for follow-up blogs where we'll delve deeper into the specifics of the changes brought in Private Beta 2.

Embark on this exciting journey with us as we venture into new territories in the Illuvium universe!



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