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Apr 17, 2024

Register Now for Private Beta 4!

Rangers, registrations for Private Beta 4 are now Open! Here are all the details to ensure you are registered and in the running to be picked as one of the lucky players in Private Beta 4. Believe us when we say you want to take advantage of it. This first phase of Private Beta 4 marks the start of our official Play-2-Airdrop campaign, where you can earn your first allocation of the 200,000 ILV pool, which is currently over a staggering $20,000,000 in rewards at the time of writing this. So ensure you're registered and ready to start playing Private Beta 4 on Testnet. Let's jump into what you need to know!

Where to Register:

What to expect for registration:

Upon entering our registration portal, you must set up your Immutable X Passport on Testnet. Registering is as simple as clicking the connect button. A prompt will open up for IMX Passport, asking you to log in with your medium of choice: Apple ID, Google Account, or a personal email. Once complete, you will verify your email, name your ranger and then VOILA—you're done creating your new IMX Passport account. Move on to creating your Illuvium account by naming your Ranger, and you’re all set. Web3 gaming has come a long way in the past three years, and onboarding gamers has never been more straightforward.

I'm Registered; now what?

Private Beta 4 Testnet is set to begin on April 30th, and you're ready to go now that you’re registered and have your IMX Passport account. There are a few ways to help yourself get access to our limited space Private Beta 4. If you have played Private Beta 3 or any of our games consistently, you are the type of gamers we are looking for to test the features in this latest build ahead of Open Beta Testnet. We will also run campaigns with several partners and creators to raffle beta codes to their communities. Although access for everyone isn't guaranteed, we intend to get many participants into PB4 playing and testing. If you don't get in, don't worry. The Open Beta Testnet is live one month after the start of Private Beta 4 and will be open to the public.

Play-2-Airdrop Campaign: 200,00 ILV tokens

Over the next six months, we've set aside 200,000 ILV tokens for distribution. Private Beta 4 will be your first opportunity to start stacking Airdrop points for this campaign. All the details for our upcoming airdrop campaign are detailed in our most recent blog post here: Airdrop Season Blog






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