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Illuvium Beyond

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Mar 7, 2023

The Ultimate Preparation Guide for Illuvium: Beyond launching on March 7th!

Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to get your first Illuvitar D1SK! 

Illuvium: Beyond is an exciting customisable collectible card game coming on March 7th at 10:00 PM UTC that offers endless possibilities for collectors to explore and enjoy. With a vast range of unique hand-drawn Illuvitars, accessories, backgrounds, finishes, and competitive aspects, Illuvium: Beyond has something for everyone. There are also exciting possibilities for the future with the development of a casual PvP card game, which requires approval from the DAO. To read more about all the features of Illuvium: Beyond head to this blog.

Disclaimer: ONLY use official links, never navigate to the IlluviDEX through Google or any other unofficial website or search engine.

How do I get started by creating or connecting my IMX Wallet and account to Illuvidex Marketplace? 

  1. Navigate to: 

  2. Connect your IMX linked wallet to the Illuvidex website by clicking on "Account" in the upper right-hand corner of the page and logging in with your IMX linked wallet or your email account.

  3. If this is your first time visiting the Illuvidex, make sure to read and accept the Illuvium Sale and Auction Terms and Conditions.

  4. If you choose to connect with your wallet, IMX and MetaMask will prompt you to choose the wallet you wish to connect to the Illuvidex.

  5. Alternatively, you can log in with a previously set up account or create a new one with an email and password. If you choose to do so, you will need to link your wallet to your email account to use across the Illuvium universe.

  6. After logging in with an account, you will need to link your wallet to your account to buy D1sks in the Illuvitars sale. Click on your account in the upper right-hand corner and select "Link Wallet". Then, follow the IMX pop-up prompt to connect your MetaMask and IMX linked wallet.

  7. Your wallet is now linked to your account, and you can confirm this by seeing the checkmark next to your account name in the top right corner of the page.

  8. If you ever need to unlink your wallet, you can do so in the "Account Settings" tab in your profile, and connect any new wallet through the same processes laid out above. 

If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, please go to and follow instructions on how to create one.

Once you create a MetaMask wallet, you can follow these instructions for linking your MetaMask wallet to Immutable X in order to interact with the Illuvidex:

  1. Ensure that your MetaMask wallet is unlocked and connected to Ethereum Mainnet.

  2. Navigate to the Illuvidex website at and click the "Connect" button in the top-right corner.

  3. Click "Connect" again to confirm that you have access to a MetaMask wallet and want to connect to IMX. Note that this will open two pop-up windows, one for IMX and one for MetaMask. If they do not appear, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker and try again to complete the process.

  4. The first pop-up window is a standard MetaMask window asking which wallet you wish to connect to IMX. Select the wallet you want to use and click "Next".

  5. Review the permissions you are granting to IMX, and click "Connect". Always double-check the permissions you give.

  6. You will now create your IMX wallet by setting up an Immutable X Key. You may be prompted to connect your wallet to IMX one more time. Once you connect again, the next prompt will be to sign a transaction for your secured connection to Immutable X. Click "Set Up Key" and sign the signature request to link the active wallet. This key links your MetaMask wallet address to a unique identifier on IMX.

  7. Once you sign the message, you will be prompted that the setup is complete! Your IMX window will close automatically, and you will have one final pop-up from MetaMask to connect your wallet to the Illuvidex. Select the same wallet you just connected to IMX and click "Next". Review the permissions you are granting to the Illuvidex, and click "Connect". Always double-check the permissions you approve.

  8. Once your connection is complete and done correctly, you will see a green checkmark next to your address in the top-right corner of the Illuvidex where the "Connect" button was before.

Congratulations, you're all set! 

How can I deposit Funds in my IMX Wallet (required for purchasing a D1sk)?

These are the instructions for moving funds from Layer 1 Ethereum to your Layer 2 IMX wallet.

  1. Please make sure you have followed previous guides up to this point, including Setting up Metamask Wallet, Funding your L1 Ethereum Wallet, Creating IMX wallet, and Logging into Illuvidex with Wallet or Linked Account.

  2. Once logged in with either your wallet or linked account, click on your account in the top right-hand corner of the Illuvidex and then select "Deposit".

  3. After clicking "Deposit", you will then choose whether to deposit from a MetaMask wallet or buy directly from MoonPay with a credit or debit card. This guide will walk you through depositing with a MetaMask wallet, and we will have a separate guide for using MoonPay.

  4. Now you have the option to choose which cryptocurrencies you would like to deposit for the Illuvitars sale or the Illuvidex secondary market. Choose the token you want to deposit as well as the amount and then click "Continue". Accepted payments for the Illuvitars sale are ETH and sILV2. Items listed on the secondary market on Illuvidex can be sold for ETH, sILV2, or USDC, so you will need to have whichever currency you need available on Layer1 before depositing to IMX.

  5. After hitting continue, you will be prompted by an IMX pop-up to confirm your deposit amount.

  6. Once confirmed with IMX, you will receive a prompt from your MetaMask wallet to confirm and send the tokens in this transaction. Confirm this transaction, and then you will have completed bridging funds from Layer 1 Ethereum to Layer 2 IMX.

  7. Although transactions on Layer 2 IMX are gasless, bridging from L1 Ethereum to IMX incurs Layer 1 gas fees. So, be mindful of gas prices when bridging to avoid paying high gas prices or the potential for failed transactions. You can check current gas fees here:

  8. Now that your transaction has been sent to the Ethereum blockchain, it will generally take about 10-15 minutes for your deposit to show up in your IMX wallet. These funds will be reflected in your account drop-down menu.

By following all the steps above, you'll be ready to purchase your very own D1SK and dive into the world of Illuvium: Beyond!

How can I purchase my first D1sk from the Alpha Run or the Extended Run D1sk sale? 

  1. You will be able to navigate to and connect your wallet or account.

  2. Make sure you have funds deposited into your Layer 2 IMX wallet and that you have created an account and logged into the Illuvidex website. 

  3. Once you're connected to the Illuvidex website, click on the "Buy Now" option below the D1sk you want to purchase.

  4. In the next menu, select the number of D1sks you wish to purchase. You can buy multiple D1sks of each type, and your total cost will update on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you have added your desired D1sks to your cart, click "Purchase."

  5. Choose to pay with either ETH or sILV2, where sILV2 is equal to the current price of ILV.

  6. Complete the transaction by signing and confirming the message flow.

  7. Once the transaction is complete, you will be directed to a D1sk buying confirmation page. From here, you can choose to Load D1sks, which is the process of opening your D1sk and gathering Illuvitars and accessories. You can also return to the Illuvitars sale menu or check out the Launch Party, which will track all kinds of fun achievements by the community: from individual to community stretch goals and highest power found - you will be able to see it all! 

  8. Finally, your D1sks don’t have to be opened, you can keep them to open later or sell them on the secondary market on the Illuvidex.

There are two types of D1sk, the Standard D1sk and the Mega D1sk:

1. Standard D1sk (0.0050 ETH)  - The Standard D1sk contains one Illuvitar, three accessories, and one Tier 0 Illuvitar. Alpha Standard D1sks are priced at 0.025 ETH and limited to 100,000 D1sks. 

2. Mega D1sk (0.0249 ETH) - In contrast, the Mega D1sk swaps out the T0 Illuvitar for a guaranteed rare Illuvitar. The Mega D1sk is more expensive but offers better chances of getting great things. Alpha Mega D1sks are priced at 0.124 ETH and limited to 20,000 D1sks. 

Please note that the purchase flows for Alpha Run and Extended Run D1sks are nearly identical, with the only differences being the price and purchase limits. Alpha Mega D1sks and Alpha Standard D1sks are limited to 10 of each type of D1sk per transaction during the Alpha Run sale, while there is no mint limit for the Extended Run sale. At the beginning of a wave, a time-limited sale with a fixed quantity of D1sks marked as Alpha will be held. These D1sks do not affect the gameplay, but they are likely to be more rare and highly sought after.

We invite you to join us for our Launch Party during the sale kick off on March 7th as we celebrate the community as they open their D1sks. There is a music player to keep up the vibe and a stream of the latest Illuvitars and Accessories found (especially the rare ones). We track the highest power found so far and who found it. And we have community and individual stretch goals to give back to the community when we hit significant sales milestones. For example, if the community purchases more than 5,000 D1sks everyone who takes part in the sale will get an exclusive emote for use in Illuvium: Arena. Individually if you purchase more than 10 D1sks you will receive a 10% off coupon for the Merch Store! 

How do I open my first D1SK?

  1. After completing the checkout flow, click on "Load D1sk" to open your D1sk.

  2. Choose either the Mega D1sk or Standard D1sk depending on what you purchased.

  3. Click "Load" and enjoy the Mozart animation of your D1sk loading its contents!

  4. After loading, you will see five cards face down. Choose to reveal them all at once or click on each card individually.

  5. After all cards are revealed, choose to load another D1sk or return to your assets inventory.

What is bonding and how do I bond the accessories to my first Illuvitar? 

Bonding is when a collector takes an Illuvitar and one or more accessories and permanently puts them together, creating a new customised Illuvitar with a higher power rating. There are billions of combinations available, meaning that the vast majority of Illuvitars will be unique. This allows collectors to personalise their collections and create something special that represents their individuality.To bond accessories to your Illuvitar once your D1sk has been opened, follow these instructions: 

  1. Navigate to the "Profile" page under the account menu in the top right of the screen.

  2. Use the filter to narrow down your Illuvitar search or scroll through all your Illuvitars and select the one you want to bond.

  3. Click on "Bond" on the Illuvitar you wish to bond.

  4. In the bonding menu, customize your Illuvitar with the accessories available in your inventory.

  5. Once you have your Illuvitar customised, click the "Bond" button.

  6. This is a 2 step process with a few IMX transactions to be completed. The first of which is burning your accessories and Illuvitar, and the second is minting your new bonded Illuvitar. 

  7. Watch the awesome bonding animation as your accessories are permanently bonded to your Illuvitar - creating an awesome new 1 of kind looking Illuvitar!

  8. Once completed, you can assign your new Illuvitar to your profile picture that will be used in the Illuvium Universe  or bond another one.

Remember, once you have bonded accessories to your Illuvitar, you cannot unbond them. So, choose wisely and create a unique Illuvitar that represents your individuality!



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