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May 11, 2023

Zero Alpha 0.1.4 Public Patch Notes

While this patch includes many bug fixes to improve the game's overall feel, the big highlight is the implementation of the Marketplace Uplink. This will give players a chance to get a feel for interacting with other players. Keep in mind it is local at this point, and we need to spend time balancing it, so please let us know your feedback so we can get it to its final state as quickly as possible.

Bug Fixes

  • Critical Bugs:

    • Fixed an issue that prevented users from saving due to a time sync issue with the Illuvium server.

    • Placing an extractor between two adjacent sites is now checked and fixed. In case you had this issue, your extractor will be refunded entirely for you to build again.

  • Gameplay Bugs:

    • Players now receive the correct amount of resources in the early game as a rounding error has been fixed.

    • Converters no longer produce resources while being upgraded.

  • UI Bugs:

    • Facts are now easier to read with a smaller font size.

    • The game now notifies you when you have insufficient credits to speed up an activity.

    • The speed-up modal now shows more precise time saved with seconds when applicable.

    • Removed unnecessary time displays from confirmation modals.

    • Goals now use roman numerals for clarity.

    • Fixed resource reward spacing in activity details.

  • Audio Bug:

    • Audio volume settings are now saved for the entire game rather than for specific plots.

    • Completing activities now plays the appropriate sound effect correctly.

    • Lakes, solon trenches, and silicon mounds now have sound effects.

  • Misc Bugs:

    • Resource calculations are now more precise.

    • The game now exits gracefully without error.


  • Gameplay Feature:

    • Marketplace Uplink: The marketplace helps you import resources your plot might not naturally have, in exchange for resources of which you might have a surplus. While this version is strictly offline, this is the first step toward a collaborative and competitive economy between players in the game.

  • Misc Features:

    • New VFX Added.

    • Players will now be notified if a new update is available for the game.

    • Increased the security measures and error logging to ensure a safer and more enjoyable gameplay experience. Players are also warned when their device is running out of space.

    • Added better saving lifecycle when exiting the game. You should not lose recent progress when switching devices anymore.

    • Added a frame limiter for high end devices and optimised assets for faster loading.

Known Issues

  • Freezes after extended play sessions. Change plots as a stopgap solution.

As we approach the game's first season, we will continue adding more features to enhance the overall gameplay experience. We are also cleaning up known issues to ensure players have smoother, more enjoyable gameplay. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements!



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