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Introduction to ILV

Understanding ILV

ILV is an ERC20 token that fuels the decentralised governance of the Illuvium universe, empowering holders with the ability to shape the future of the ecosystem.

Engage in Illuvium's Future

Your Vote, Your Voice

By staking ILV, you gain voting rights in key decisions, from game features to economic parameters. Engage in Illuvium's DAO and help steer the journey.

Share in the Success

Earn as Illuvium Grows

ILV holders enjoy direct participation in Illuvium's success through Revenue Distribution (RevDis), receiving rewards proportionate to their stake.

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Maximize your ILV

Stake, Earn, and Play

Lock your ILV with Illuvium Staking to receive sILV2, enabling you to participate in the game economy, earn rewards, and unlock exclusive content.

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ILV Tokenomics Explained

Understanding the Financial Blueprint

Explore the thoughtfully designed tokenomics of ILV, ensuring a balanced and sustainable economy within Illuvium.

Start Your ILV Journey

Where to Secure Your Tokens

Purchase ILV from leading exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and more. Begin your journey in the Illuvium ecosystem today.

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