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Nov 14, 2022

Illuvium Arena v0.2.1 Patch Notes


You don’t need to redownload the client for this patch, as it is purely data. It will automatically update when you load the game. Unfortunately, the in-game text won’t update to reflect these new values until we make a new build to download, so there will be a mismatch until we get the next significant update done.

Illuvial Changes

Pterodactyl Line

During the 0.2.0 changes, a buff snuck in, harming the counterplay in Pterodactyl’s design. We’re reverting this buff, increasing its energy cost, and decreasing the starting Energy to allow players to focus on Pterodactyl before it gets its Omega off. Due to the additional Omega Power scaling available via the Phantom Synergy, there has also been a nerf to its base Omega damage.

Stage 1 — Rhamphy

  • Starting Energy : 100 -> 60

  • Omega Energy Damage : 700 -> 500

Stage 2 — Rhamphite

  • Starting Energy : 100 -> 60

  • Omega Energy Damage : 750 -> 550

Stage 3 — Rhamphyre

  • Starting Energy : 100 -> 60

  • Omega Energy Damage : 800 -> 600

Elk Line

We’re experimenting with increasing the Attack Range of a few units to provide further differentiation between Frontline, Midline, Backline, and Extreme Backline Illuvials.

Stage 1 — Ador

  • Attack Range : 60 -> 70

Stage 2 — Adoredo

  • Attack Range : 60 -> 70

Stage 3 — Adorius

  • Attack Range : 60 -> 70

Axolotl Line

Axolotl was scaling too well with Omega Power and, due to the long duration of its shield, lacked the intended downtime. We’ll be experimenting with preventing Energy Gain from Damage received whilst the shield is active in the longer term, but for now, we’re going to hotfix via the numbers.

We want the Axolotl to keep its fantasy of crazy shields dwarfing its health bar, so we have reduced both the duration from 7 → 5 seconds and the damage component of its Omega.

Stage 1 — Atlas

  • Shield Duration : 7s -> 5s

  • Max Health Damage : 700 -> 500

Stage 2 — Axon

  • Shield Duration : 7s -> 5s

  • Max Health Damage : 15% -> 10%

  • Energy Damage — 225 -> 100

Stage 3 — Axodon

  • Shield Duration : 7s -> 5s

  • Max Health Damage : 15% -> 10%

  • Energy Damage — 250 -> 200

Taipan Line

Another offender in the “scales too well with Omega Power” club. We’ve toned down the Energy Attack Damage it gains whilst in its Omega.

Stage 1 — Phyri

  • Unchanged.

Stage 2 — Phyriox

  • Attack Range : 40 -> 30

Stage 3 — Scoriox

  • Attack Range : 60 -> 40

Pangolin Line

We have implemented a minor tweak to help Stage 1 be more reliable in its Omega.

Stage 1 — Flare

  • Omega AOE : 22 hexes -> 24 hexes

Stage 2 — Singe

  • Unchanged.

Stage 3 — Sear

  • Unchanged.

Pistol Shrimp Line

Pistol Shrimp was doing significantly more damage than intended during its Omega and had among the highest Attack Damage in the game. The Omega description incorrectly said it did damage every second when in reality, it applied that damage every .2 seconds. We’ve brought that back in line, so while it should still be shredding, hopefully not quite as quickly. These might be overboard in conjunction with the Steam nerfs, so feedback is appreciated!

Pistol Shrimp also takes part in the Attack Range experiment.

Stage 1 — Alphie

  • Attack Range : 60 -> 70

  • Attack Damage : 100 -> 60

  • Damage per second: Now 200

Stage 2 — Synalph

  • Attack Range : 60 -> 70

  • Attack Damage : 130 -> 80

  • Damage per second: Now 250

Stage 3 — Dualeph

  • Attack Range : 60 -> 70

  • Attack Damage : 180 -> 100

  • Damage per second: Now 300

Armament Changes

We’ve toned down the amount of Energy Attack Damage received from the Psion Gauntlets and the Empath Staffs and reduced the Health gained from Armaments. Generally, all Armaments are a little weaker, except the Pistol, which has received a buff with higher Tier and Stage Armaments reduced to a greater extent.

Synergy Changes


This synergy was significantly overperforming in its innate abilities, allowing Steam characters to gain hundreds of Energy Attack damage whilst generating more Energy than Water characters.

  • Energy Regeneration per Water Synergy 3 -> 2

  • Energy Attack Damage per Fire Synergy 20 -> 10

Survival Mode Changes

The feedback from the community has been very positive regarding the Interest mechanic, and we have enjoyed watching players optimise early waves to get as many Mastery Points as possible. That said, it’s a little too easy to make Mastery Points irrelevant by getting too far ahead of the curve, so we’re toning interest down. The following is a significant change; we appreciate feedback on how this affects playing Survival Mode.

Interest reduced from 10% to 5%. Furthermore, we’d like to accommodate high-end play by considering the variety of decks, waves, and players daily. We’ve added ten more waves to Survival Mode Competitive and Survival Mode Training.

Bug Fixes

We resolved a concurrency bug affecting some players that occasionally caused their runs to end prematurely.



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